20 Discord Alternatives to Upgrade Your Chat Game in 2023

Discord Alternatives to Upgrade Your Chat Game

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20 Discord Alternatives to Upgrade Your Chat Game in 2023

If you’re all about real-time connections with your team, colleagues, or gamer pals, then you have to check out these amazing voice and text chat apps. Now, don’t get us wrong, Discord is incredible for all sorts of communication, from work stuff to chillin’ with your buddies. 

But you know what? It’s time to level up and get rid of the glitches, lags, or overcrowded servers.

So, if you’re itching for something new and exciting, there are plenty of Discord alternatives just waiting for you to explore. Find the one that suits your style and connect with your team or gamer pals hassle-free.  

What are the Reasons for Considering an Alternative to Discord?

Discord’s got a groovy vibe for gamers, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Its issues include:

What are the Reasons for Considering an Alternative to Discord?
  • A UI that isn’t professional
  • Doesn’t provide a self-hosting option 
  • Unexpected or Unwanted server raids
  • Chat spamming
  • Privacy issues 

All of these are an absolute buzzkill. But, don’t sweat it! There’re tons of alternatives out there to explore and find one that fits your groove. So, if Discord’s not cutting it, ditch it and hop on the alternative train. 

20 Discord Alternatives Worth Considering

Whether you’re gaming with buddies or collaborating with colleagues, you’re sure to find an app here that’ll be a better fit for your needs.

20 Discord Alternatives Worth Considering


Onethread provides a reliable platform for communication and collaboration, making it a viable substitute for Discord. Whether you’re coordinating with teammates, organizing study groups, or simply chatting with friends, Onethread has the tools you need. 


It allows you to create an unlimited discussion room in a project and direct messaging. This efficient task management system allows you to easily collaborate, organize, manage tasks, and plan with your teammates. 

Its standout features include:

  • Store all your project files without limitations, ensuring you have ample space.
  • End-to-end encryption ensures your privacy and security.
  • User-friendly interface for a smooth navigation experience.
  • Allows to collaborate in real time, working together on the same project or task simultaneously.
  • Enjoy seamless team communication on OneThread through video conferencing, team chats, and instant messaging.
  • Accessible from multiple gadgets, like, mobiles, desktops, laptops, iPads, etc.
  • Personalize your workspace design, devise templates, and organize workflows to effectively address the distinct needs of your team.
  • Included Gantt charts and Kanban boards for efficient organizing, scheduling, task assignment, and progress tracking.

2.Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a messaging app that can be used by teams of all sizes. It’s a great tool for teams that need to communicate quickly and effectively. With Troop Messenger, you get: 

Troop Messenger
  • Real-time messaging and quick replies for enhanced productivity and decision-making.
  • Unlimited message history for quick access to previous chats and information.
  • Unique features that set Troop Messenger apart from other communication tools.
  • Virtual conferences enable remote teams to collaborate seamlessly.
  • Documented communication for future use and information retrieval.


One of the best things about TeamSpeak is its unparalleled reliability. You can count on its crystal clear sound and lag-free performance, even in the heat of an intense gaming session. With TeamSpeak, you get —

  • Lag-free communication, background noise reduction, and automatic microphone volume adjustment for optimal voice quality in online gaming.
  • Military-grade security with control over channel access and user permissions.
  • Customization options with over 100 add-ons, skins, and voice packs.
  • Cloud-based service for easy synchronization of servers, settings, and preferences across devices.
  • Unparalleled reliability with crystal clear sound and lag-free performance.
  • Integrated military-grade security for secure and private conversations.

Overall, TeamSpeak is a great alternative to Discord for gamers who prioritize reliable, high-quality voice communication with top-notch security.


Chanty is an app that allows professionals to communicate and manage tasks with their teams. It’s highly beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Communicate and manage tasks with teams using voice, chat, audio, and video messages.
  • Turn your messages into projects and hand them over to your team members.
  • Allows integration with third-party apps like Google Drive, Trello, Asana, and more.
  • Limitless message history searches for easy recall of conversations.
  • Features include a Kanban board, video and audio, a Teambook hub, voice messages, screen sharing, pinned messages, @ mentions, and discussion threads.
  • Customizable app with a dark theme option.
  • Offers a unique task management feature and various integrations, making it a great alternative to other team communication and collaboration apps.

5.TimeCamp Planner

TimeCamp Planner (previously HeySpace) is a great choice for teams who need a task management tool with communication and collaboration features. It’s completely free and has the following to offer:

TimeCamp Planner
  • Task management tool with communication and collaboration features.
  • Used by teams at Arizona State University, Blitzmetrics, Wondersauce, and others.
  • Send messages to co-workers and spaces, and receive notifications for new messages.
  • Badge shows the unread message count for easy tracking.
  • User-friendly with a neat layout for tracking conversations and tasks.
  • Ability to add mentions, images, and get notifications in one-on-one chats.
  • Search, filters, and bulk actions for sticky notes.
  • Suitable for project management and communication needs.


Slack has a polished and intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to use and navigate, making it a great option for teams of all sizes. So if you’re looking for a powerful team chat software with great integrations, Slack is definitely worth checking out for these reasons:

  • Slack is a team chat software that offers many integrations with third-party tools.
  • It allows you to upload files to any channel with a simple drag and drop.
  • You can use the @mention feature to ping team members to get their attention even if they are not online.
  • Its polished and intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate.
  • Suitable for teams of all sizes.


Looking for a voice chat software specifically designed for gamers? Look no further than Mumble. It’s an open-source software boasting low latency and high-quality sound, making it perfect for use while gaming for the reasons given below:

  • It offers chat encryption for privacy-conscious users.
  • The authentication feature ensures that only authorized users can enter chat rooms.
  • Mumble provides impressive voice quality and positional sound features.
  • It’s a secure choice for keeping conversations private.
  • Suitable for gamers looking for high-quality voice communication.
  • It supports multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.


Flock is a tool for teams that helps you communicate and work together. It’s all in one place, so with the following benefits and features: 

  • It’s the go-to app if you want all your team stuff in one place and don’t want to bother with Discord.
  • Allows to chat with your team, have group discussions, and even share files and important project info.
  • No need to switch between different apps anymore; Flock’s got it all covered.
  • You can have virtual meetings with video and audio calls, just like being in the same room.
  • It’s like having your own team hub where everything happens, minus the hassle.
  • Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to Flock’s organized chaos (in a good way!).


If you’re looking for a voice and text chat app that’ll level up your gaming experience, Overtone is a great choice. Truth be told, it’s actually giving Discord a run for its money as:

  •  Overtone is powered by VIVOX, the ultimate voice platform for gamers that even top gaming studios trust.
  • It’s lightweight and super easy to use, no complicated setup is required.
  • Enjoy voice and text chat, along with group chat features.
  • You can run it directly in your web browser, no need to download any extra stuff.
  • Whether you’re into Fortnite, PUBG, or World of Tanks, Overtone has everything you need.

Give it a try and see how it rocks your gaming world!


Here’s what’s cool about Ryver: it offers a user experience that combines the best of Trello and Slack. You can have seamless communication and task management in a single tool, which is key for boosting productivity.


Plus, managing your data in Ryver Cloud is a breeze as it integrates smoothly with over 500 other applications.

Check out its awesome features —

  • Create teams to handle multiple processes and people.
  • Create channels for public and private conversations/chats.
  • It works seamlessly on a variety of devices.
  • Includes a global search function to find your most important data touchpoints easily.

11.Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great alternative to Discord. It’s like a cool hangout where you and your crew can chat, meet up, share stuff, and work on projects together.

Microsoft Teams

Here are some cool things you can do with Microsoft Teams:

  • You can easily chat with your group, have online meetings, call, and do web conferencing.
  • You can work together on files using Office 365 apps like Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Excel.
  • Plus, you can add your other favorite Microsoft apps and third-party services to keep things running smoothly.
  • And the best part? You’ll have end-to-end security, administrative control, and compliance— all powered by Office 365.

12.Steam Chat

You might want to check out Steam Chat as a substitute for Discord. It’s a chat and voice service designed especially for gamers.  Its perks include —

Steam Chat
  • It offers a user interface that closely resembles Discord, making it an excellent alternative.
  • Provides the convenience of voice and text channels, similar to Discord, where you can join and interact in one voice channel at a time.
  • One of its standout features is the ability to share a unique URL with others for easy group chat or server joining.
  • You’ll have the flexibility to set roles, grant different permissions such as adding or removing members, managing server info, and setting chat restrictions.
  • It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, ensuring accessibility across different operating systems.


If you’re tired of using Discord and want something fresh for your big groups and polls, RaidCall is worth checking out. It’s a super cool in-game VoIP app that gamers everywhere love. With this, you get access to awesome features like voice recording, poll announcements, file sharing, and more.


Here’s what makes RaidCall stand out —

  • You can have a massive group of up to 100,000 users at the same time. Talk about a wild party!
  • Share hilarious YouTube videos with your group and have a laugh together. 
  • Chat with your buddies while watching Twitch and own3D streams. Talk about gaming and hang out at the same time.
  • Discover new online communities that share your interests, favorite games, and activities. 
  • Sync your RaidCall account with Facebook and invite all your friends to join the fun. 

Keep the gaming adventures going strong!


Ventrilo is all about that killer sound quality and keeping your CPU happy, which is exactly what gamers want, right? Also, its simple user interface is a major plus.


With this, you’ll get —

  • It’s got the goods when it comes to low-latency voice calls. No more annoying delays or laggy conversations during real-time communication.
  • It keeps your chats secure with its encrypted client-server connection. Your gaming secrets stay safe.
  • The best part? All your text chats and audio recordings are stored right on your own computer—no need to worry about your data floating around somewhere else.
  • With Ventrilo, you can game on Windows, macOS, and Android. It’s all about giving you options so that you can stay connected no matter your platform.


If you’re not into all those fancy gaming features we discussed earlier and just want simple audio and video chat software, then Skype is the way to go. It’s all about straightforward communication without any extra frills.


Using Skype, you can get —

  • One-on-one or small group private audio and video calls are perfect for catching up with friends or having virtual hangouts.
  • Easily transfer all types of files through Skype, making it convenient to share documents, photos, and more.
  • Open multimedia files directly within the chat for a seamless viewing experience.
  • Both Skype and Discord provide screen-sharing capabilities. In Skype, simply press the “+” key during a call to share your screen, which is ideal for presentations or providing assistance.
  • Skype recommends a bandwidth of 100 kbps for smooth voice calls, ensuring uninterrupted conversations without lag.

Try Skype for simple and reliable audio and video chats with friends, family, or coworkers. It’s as easy as pie!


Viber is a cool tool that lets you make free calls and send messages to anyone, no matter where they are. It’s not just your typical messaging app, though, as it’s got some fun features too, which allow you to: 

  • Enjoy high-quality audio and video calls with Viber, allowing you to connect with friends and family and feel immersed in the conversation.
  • Interact in group chats by liking and replying to messages, keeping the conversation dynamic, and showing your engagement.
  • Save time by recording quick voice messages and easily sending them off, eliminating the need for typing.
  • Discover a variety of multimedia options within Viber, including videos, music, and more, and seamlessly share them in your chats.
  • Have access to a mini entertainment hub right at your fingertips, enhancing your chatting experience with additional content.


Have you heard about Riot? Now, it’s rebranded as Element. It’s like a cooler version of Discord with some extra features that include — 

  • End-to-end encryption ensures the security of your chats and protects your conversations from prying eyes, unlike Discord.
  • Engagement in private one-on-one chats or group conversations with friends or team members on Element, enjoying secure and confidential communication.
  • Joining ongoing group calls effortlessly on Element without requiring an invitation or causing disruption, giving you the freedom to participate in conversations seamlessly.
  • Sharing files easily by simply dragging and dropping them into the chat, eliminating the hassle of searching through countless messages or switching between apps.
  • Files shared on Element are neatly archived, allowing for quick retrieval when needed, ensuring you can easily find and access important documents later.
  • Experience secure and stylish chatting with Element by trying out its features and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with encrypted communication.


Mattermost is a powerful and secure self-hosted messaging platform designed to enhance team collaboration and communication. With its flexible and customizable features, Mattermost provides organizations with an efficient and private alternative to popular messaging tools.  


With Mattermost, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • Host your own server for complete data control and enhanced privacy. That’ll do all the security wonders for you.
  • You can create organized discussions and have private conversations.
  • Seamlessly share and manage files within conversations. No need to go back and forth anymore for sharing files. 
  • Connect Mattermost with other tools and services your team uses to tenfold productivity.
  • Follow and participate in focused discussions with message replies.
  • You can easily find messages, files, and discussions across your team’s history.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Mattermost for a more secure chatting experience. 


Tox is the go-to tool if you’re all about privacy and security. Whether you work for a big corporation or a top-secret government agency:

  • Enjoy peace of mind with Tox, knowing that your information is protected by military-grade encryption. It’s like having your own digital fortress!
  • It’s completely free, so you won’t be bombarded with annoying ads causing unnecessary distractions.
  • With Tox, you can chat, talk, and have video calls, all while knowing that your privacy is rock-solid.
  • It’s versatile and works on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.  iOS

Thus, embrace the seamless and secure communication experience offered by Tox. It’s the go-to choice for those who value their privacy and want a user-friendly interface.


Let’s tell you about Wire, the collaboration platform that’s got businesses buzzing. It’s all about security and privacy, making it the company’s go-to choice. With Wire, you can: 

  • Experience the utmost security and privacy while enjoying seamless messaging, effortless file-sharing, crystal-clear voice calls, and immersive video conferences with Wire.
  • Your valuable data remains shielded through advanced end-to-end encryption, coupled with strict adherence to stringent European privacy regulations.
  • Collaborate with your clients, partners, or different companies without a second thought if they don’t own a Wire account. 
  • Send messages, make calls, and share files, photos, and videos with proper encryption.  
  • Have encrypted audio conference calls and video conferences for important meetings. Feel confident in the security of your discussions.
  • Wire prioritizes your privacy with no profiling or ads, and they prioritize their user data the most. 

Give Wire a try and experience the secure and private collaboration you’ve been looking for.


There is a wide array of Discord alternatives available, each with its own unique features and benefits. Whether you’re a gamer seeking enhanced audio quality, or a privacy-conscious user looking for end-to-end encryption, there’s always an option available for you.

From platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack to applications like Skype, you have plenty of choices to explore. So, consider your specific requirements and preferences, such as gaming features, security, ease of use, and platform compatibility, to make an informed decision.

Ultimately, finding the right alternative will help you enjoy seamless communication and collaboration with your team.

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