Top 5 Project Management Apps of 2023 for Agencies

project Management Apps


Project management software is there to have all the information and group discussions in a single app that all the team members have access to. Good project management software helps you save time and effort, efficiently allocate resources, share documents and stay alert to deadlines.

1. ClickUp

It’s a simple and free project management app that lets you choose from 11 different task views. Chat, Doc, Embed, and Form are the 4 different page views that enable teams to communicate, create docs and wikis, cite websites, and add forms to collect and organize data. ClickUp users have hailed its seamless integration with Zapier. ClickUp also offers tons of other integrations.

Some of the different views of projects by ClickUp include board view, box view, and my view. The board view appeals to the Scrum and Kanban enthusiasts since they enjoy moving project tasks around. The box view is ideal for project managers as they prefer tasks broken down by the assignees of the projects. This is effective by keeping tabs on every team member’s workload.

Lastly, as the name suggests by itself, my view is catered only to you. Unimportant tasks do not get clogged in your dashboard. ClickUp also allows you to save particular project plan layouts and gives you sharing privileges for your favorite layouts and customized templates.


ClickUp Pros

Helpful to-do lists and reminders Can import spreadsheets from Google Project and Google Sheets Freelancers can be granted access to the team workspace with Custom Access Rights Has a great feature for remote work – Pulse

ClickUp Cons

Sometimes integrations do not work very well There is no Table view in the mobile app Too many backlogs Might be too complicated for an individual’s use

ClickUp Pricing

Three different options depending on the size of the team:

Free Forever – Unlimited projects and users with 100MB of cloud storage space Unlimited ($5/month per user, billed annually): offers unlimited projects, storage, and an unlimited number of integrations for small teams

Business ($12/month per user, billed annually): offers unlimited teams and advanced features with Google SSO for medium-sized teams

Business Plus ($19/month per user, billed annually) – offers team sharing and increased automation and API for multiple teams

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2. Onethread

Onethread is a Bangladeshi-based SaaS startup providing the most seamless multi-team project management solution for efficient collaboration. Onethread is providing this solution at the most affordable price to make premium Project Management Solutions accessible to SMEs and startups.

Onethread is a simple and free project management software. Its integration with other well-known project management software, like ClickUp and Trello, makes it a strong and efficient agile project management software. Onethread can also be downloaded on your mobile device. To get an immersive experience of using this project management tool, book a free demonstration.



Easy Monitoring Progress

Users can track projects and monitor progress effortlessly. The app is useful in providing live updates of all the work, meaning you can keep tabs on the team and their progress. The app’s algorithm ensures that teams do not miss a deadline.


This task management software has productive collaboration features where task assignments are visible to everyone in the team and performance reports are published for each individual. The easy-to-use group messages option in this collaboration tool ensures fast and secure communication. You can also share files within the discussion of a particular task and comment on them.

Planning Project

Onethread allows you to plan your work ahead of time, schedule tasks, and distribute tasks between your teammates. Teams can set up goals & milestones which also establishes productivity and boosts motivation across the team.

Manage Assets

Documents arrangement is easier than ever with Onethread’s unique file storage management which ensures all your relevant documents are in a single place. Import documents from Drive and share them with your team. Documents can also be shared within projects & tasks.

Onethread Pros

Affordable pricing compared to other project management software Task Management
Multi-company collaboration
File Storage
Easy to use

Onethread Cons

  1. Lack of integration as of now. Although Onethread started with imports from Trello and ClickUp, we don’t have a whole lot of integrations with other solutions like ClickUp.
  2. Lack of automation features.
  3. Lack of advanced features for heavy tech users. As the solution is primarily designed keeping in mind that business-oriented people will use it, we intentionally didn’t incorporate nuance, tech-heavy features

Onethread Pricing

Onethread has two different plans:

Free – offers unlimited organizations, projects, tasks, and file sharing to individuals

Startup ($1.49/user/month) – for small teams that offers a free trial for 3 months

The Onethread also has an Enterprise plan for companies that offers training for employees in large corporations, assigns specialized customer service representatives, and provides early access to newly introduced features (available upon request).

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3. Trello

Trello’s integration with Gmail and Slack, which gives you access to the applications, is one feature that provides greater freedom. Furthermore, over 200 power-ups such as calendar, rewind backup, and Google drive assist you in adding features to your projects and making the process more efficient. Some of the power-ups are free, while others require money. There is also unique built-in automation that allows you to increase your productivity.

Trello is a project management software that uses Kanban boards to make to-do lists and manage projects. Cards are used as sticky notes on the board that can be placed anywhere on the board. The cards may include project information and even group messages for everyone in the team to view all in one place.


Trello Pros

User-friendly interface Easy sharing of boards Availability of Power-ups

Trello Cons

No views other than Kanban views No advanced features No reporting features to keep track of projects Functionality is dependent on external integrations. No advanced features

Trello Pricing

Free – for small teams with unlimited Power-Ups and cards.

Standard – an upgrade for $ 5 per user/month (annually) with an Advanced checklist and 1,000 Workspace command/month

For businesses with larger teams, the Premium and Enterprise plans serve for $10 and $17.5per user/month (annually) respectively

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3. Asana

Asana is a well-integrated and powerful project management tool for teams. It offers a wide range of collaboration and organization features that helps the team to work together and manage projects. Asana can be automated with its various integrations such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive, Drobox, Gmail, GitHub Jira Cloud, and more.

A project in Asana is separated into different segments and there are dashboards to check work progress. The automation tools, rule builders, and other workplace management items make Asana a simple and sophisticated task management solution. With the Timeline feature, users can now create plans that show how the pieces of a project fit together and help keep work on track over the lifetime of each project.

Among other helpful organizational tools, many satisfied users were excited by the feature that offers the ability to add custom fields and track only what is essential to them. “Team Pages” enables the flow of ideas and conversations for every participant of the project and “Smart Box” ensures only important project updates are announced to team members.


This project management tool is great for solving complex tasks but its features are just as complex to use.

Asana Pros

A huge amount of helpful integrations Drag and drop functionality Significant focus on collaboration

Asana Cons

Too many features make it complicated to use No time tracking Not suitable for heavy projects Limited exporting functionality

Asana Pricing

Three different plans to choose from: Basic – free option which offers unlimited Unlimited tasks and projects Premium ($10.99/month per user) – offers a timeline, workflow builder, and advanced search for small teams Business ($24.99/month per user) – companies have access to more personalized features

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Monday is another simple project management tool that helps teams visualize tasks and projects. The central board manages all the projects and displays changes across tasks. You can tailor-make your board by adding columns to see data on hours spent, status, location, etc.

This software features a workload view that subdivides pending tasks by individual, timeline, due date, and charts. It also enables you to review team efforts and outcomes.

The process starts with creating your workflow. Once the workflow has been set up, you can visualize and highlight elements like time management, text, or locations. You can share and work with this tool with your whole team and save time by only recording the essential documents and conversations.

The usual project management software features aside, Monday also offers a great project reporting dashboard that can collect data from multiple boards, allowing better tracking abilities of progress. Vigilant product managers can use this to assess the performance of the team members. Overall, it’s a highly customizable tool with some useful workflow tools for automating parts. Its integration with apps (like Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Jira, GitHub, etc.) makes Monday an easy recommendation for a project management tool.

image.png Pros

Excellent team collaboration Simple boards and workflows Easily integrate tasks into the calendar Cons

Too many spam emails from the software Limited access to Gantt charts in plans Limited UI features Pricing has four different plans:

Basic plan: there is a free plan which can be upgraded for $8/month per user for teams which offers unlimited free viewers and storage of 5 GB

Standard ($10/month per user): offers timeline & Gantt views and allows access to guests

Pro ($16/month per user): offers Private boards and docs with more automation and integrations for complex workflows also has an enterprise plan for organizations for enterprise-grade features.

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Choosing the project management tool that’s right for you

After reading this article, you may have an idea of which project management tool would be the best choice for your business. The features you think your team requires will help you determine the right software. To help you further with how you can get started, here are some steps you may find useful.

The first step is to identify the needs of your business and what challenges you face as a team when working on a project. Once your team has evaluated these limitations, you can refer to the list we have curated for you to choose the right tool. After a trial and reviews from your colleagues, you can decide on the best project management app for the whole organization that fits every sector.

Project management tools contain features and approaches that may be unfamiliar to you but can help you complete your duties more successfully. While we recommend Onethread based on pricing and other factors, choose what is best for you!

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