Top 10 Agile Scrum Project Management Software of 2024

best agile scrum project management software


Lost in a sea of Scrum software? There’s no single “best” Agile Scrum tool, as your ideal pick depends on team size, budget, and specific needs. 

But wait, there’s more! Dive into our quick-reference list of the best 10 curated from 90+ leading products, each categorized by strengths and weaknesses, to zero in on your perfect agile match. Let’s get sprinting!

Quick List of 10 Agile Scrum Project Management Software

  1. Onethread: Simplifies Agile workflows with intuitive collaboration tools for seamless team communication and progress tracking.
  2. Jira: Offers unparalleled customization and scalability, ideal for large teams managing complex Agile projects.
  3. ClickUp: All-in-one platform combining Agile tools, customizable views, and integrations, catering to diverse project needs.
  4. VivifyScrum: Streamlines Agile methodologies with user-friendly boards and sprint planning, perfect for small to mid-sized teams.
  5. Targetprocess: Provides comprehensive visualizations and analytics, empowering teams to manage intricate Agile processes with clarity.
  6. Scrumwise: Focuses on simplicity and flexibility in Agile project management, catering to teams valuing ease of use.
  7. Flexible platform with adaptable Agile templates and workflows, suitable for various project styles and team sizes.
  8. Asana: Seamlessly combines task management and collaboration, serving Agile teams aiming for efficient project execution.
  9. Yodiz: Offers a balance of Agile tools with team collaboration, particularly suitable for distributed Agile teams.
  10. ScrumDo: Integrates Agile methodologies with Lean principles, emphasizing continuous improvement and workflow optimization.

PS: Those who know what agile scrum project management software is and its benefits, skip to the Top 10 agile scrum project management software.

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What is Agile Scrum Project Management Software?

Agile Scrum Project Management Software

The Agile Scrum PM tool is a specialized platform facilitating the implementation of Agile methodologies, particularly Scrum, in project execution. 

It enables iterative and incremental project software development teams through features like user stories, sprints, and backlogs. This software centralizes team collaboration, task prioritization, and delivery planning, allowing flexible adaptations to changing project requirements. 

Agile boards, burndown charts, and sprint planning tools aid in visualizing progress and optimizing workflow efficiency. 

With its emphasis on adaptive planning, transparency, and continuous improvement, the agile scrum task management app enhances teams’ productivity, fosters customer satisfaction, and ensures iterative enhancements through regular feedback loops, essential for dynamic project management methodologies like Scrum.

Advantages of Using Agile Scrum Project Management Software

Advantages of Using Agile Scrum Project Management Software

Agile scrum task management tools can be your secret weapon for success, offering a range of benefits that can transform the way you do business. Here’s why it’s essential:

  • Sprint Planning: Efficiently plan and manage your sprints, ensuring that your team focuses on the most valuable tasks during each iteration.
  • Increased Flexibility: Agile methodologies adapt to changing requirements, fostering responsiveness and enabling teams to pivot swiftly as needed.
  • Burndown Charts: Monitor progress through visual representations, allowing you to make data-driven decisions during each sprint.
  • Daily Standups: Facilitate quick and effective daily scrum standup meetings with built-in collaboration tools, keeping everyone aligned and informed.
  • Iterative Development: Allows for iterative cycles, ensuring continuous improvement, regular feedback incorporation, and rapid product iterations for better outcomes.
  • Transparency and Adaptability: Offers visibility into ongoing processes, enabling adjustments based on real-time feedback, thus reducing risks and enhancing project success.
  • Task Prioritization: Keep your backlog organized and prioritize user stories, making sure that your team works on the most critical features first.
  • Client Satisfaction: Emphasizes customer involvement and feedback incorporation, leading to products that better meet client needs and expectations.

Top 10 Agile Scrum Project Management Software

Having the right agile scrum project management tool is the key to success. These ten software solutions have proven themselves invaluable in helping teams harness the power of Agile Scrum. 

Here’s a concise chart featuring key features, suitability, and free plan availability:


Key Features

Best Suitable For

Free Plan

Sprint Planning Task Prioritization Gantt chart Timesheet Calendar Board

Small to Medium


Agile Tools Workflow Control

Medium to Large


Customization Collaboration

Small to Large


Scrum Board Time Tracking

Small to Medium


Visual Workflow Analytics

Medium to Large


Intuitive UI Reporting

Small to Medium


Work Automation Dashboards

Small to Large


Task Dependencies Integration

Small to Large


Test Management Bug Tracking

Small to Medium


Burndown Charts Release Plans

Small to Medium


Let’s explore how each one can elevate your Agile journey and streamline your project management processes.

1. Onethread

Unified agile workflow coordinator built for scrum teams.


Onethread offers the most flexible and affordable all-in-one project management solution that can be readily adapted for agile scrum practices. Its intuitive interface and focus on simplifying teamwork make it easy to get started with scrum without the complexities of traditional scrum tools.

While Onethread does not have dedicated scrum-specific features, its core capabilities align nicely to support key aspects of the scrum framework.

Task management with priorities, assignments, deadlines, and progress tracking provides a solid foundation for managing a backlog and sprint tasks. 

Customizable workflows, dashboards, and permissions allow teams to shape Onethread’s flexible toolset into their preferred agile ceremonies and information radiators.

Built-in team communication and collaboration features facilitate important scrum events like daily standups, sprint planning, reviews, and retrospectives. 

Reporting and analytics empower transparency around velocity, burndown rates, and impediment tracking to fine-tune processes.

With its intuitive approach, Onethread makes it simpler for teams new to agile methodologies to incrementally introduce scrum at their own pace. The affordable pricing plans also lower the barriers for small businesses to successfully adopt agile practices.

While it may not have the specialized functionality of dedicated scrum tools, Onethread’s flexibility makes it a viable option for teams looking for an integrated approach to manage both scrum projects and non-scrum work without added complexity. The focus on simplicity, collaboration, and transparency suits the agile mindset nicely.

So if your team wants the advantages of scrum without the overhead of complex specialized tools, Onethread’s straightforward approach merits a close look.

Sign up for a free trial and see firsthand how Onethread can provide a simple yet surprisingly capable platform to successfully adopt agile scrum practices.

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Let’s delve into the key features that make Onethread a standout choice:

Task Management:

Onethread-Task Management

Onethread’s task management lets you prioritize tasks, acting like a flexible to-do list for your sprint backlog items. It mirrors the agile process of frequently re-prioritizing based on changing needs.

Sprint Planning:


Onethread simplifies sprint planning by providing a dedicated sprint backlog management feature. You can easily plan and manage sprint tasks, commitments, and user stories within the platform.

Customizable Workflows:

Onethread-Customizable Workflows

You can customize your workflow across tasks to fit your team’s preferred agile ceremonies, saving time through consistency. It’s like having a robot assistant handle repetitive meetings and review logistics for you. 

Real-Time Communication:

Onethread-Team Collaboration

This facilitates constant collaboration with team chat features tightly integrated into each project. This suits agile principles by enabling rapid impediment resolution and immediate information sharing among team members.

Customizable Dashboards:


You can have a  birds-eye visibility into relevant metrics like velocity, quality, and bottlenecks. You can craft information radiators attuned to your team’s measures for continuous improvement and transparency.

Access Permissions:

Onethread-User Permissions

Role permission lets you tune data access and abilities to align with team member responsibilities. It ensures the right folks get the specific insights they need without distraction, upholding agile emphasis on focus for greater productivity.


  • Onethread offers an easy-to-use interface.
  • Excellent for sprint and task prioritization.
  • Cost-effective for smaller teams.
  • Offers a free plan to get started.

Where Can Onethread Improve?

Onethread excels overall, with a minor issue in its tutorial clarity; however, it doesn’t hinder the excellent product experience.

Pricing plans and options


Onethread Pricing Plans: Choose What Fits You

  1. Free Plan: Ideal for beginners at $0, offering up to 10 users.
  2. Growth Plan: Priced at $3.00 per user/month, perfect for small to medium teams seeking advanced collaboration.
  3. Scale Plan: For large enterprises, at $5.00 per user/month, offering all-inclusive advanced project management capabilities.

Select the plan that suits your Agile Scrum needs and budget with Onethread.

What Users Say About Onethread?

Product Hunt Review: 5/5

I had the privilege to test this out during its beta phase – the user experience is top-notch and uncluttered, communication is seamless and there’s exactly the right amount of tools necessary to boost team productivity. Looking forward to what OneThread has in store, a very well-done product! Shihab Shahriyar

G2 Review: 4.7/5

The email notification helps other teams stay on track. Amni A.

Why Should You Choose Onethread?

Why Should You Choose Onethread

Here’s a table illustrating how Onethread addresses the common pain points when choosing an agile scrum task management system:

Pain Points

How Onethread Solves Them

Managing sprints complexity

Simplifies task tracking for large teams.

Lack of visibility

Provides centralized progress visibility.

Difficulty prioritizing tasks

Offers clear task prioritization.

Communication bottlenecks

Fosters efficient in-platform communication.

Inefficient knowledge sharing

Facilitates capturing and sharing best practices.

Limited visibility into progress

Tracks individual contributions for balanced workloads.

Missed deadlines and scope creep

Monitors progress to prevent issues.

Challenges measuring team performance

Quantifies team output for fair evaluations.

Limited feedback loops

Promotes efficient feedback gathering for improvement.

Onethread effectively addresses these Agile Scrum work management pain points, regardless of team size or project complexity.

2. Jira Software

Robust scrum-specific project manager focused on dev teams.


Jira Software is a powerful tool designed for Agile Scrum project management. It simplifies project tracking, task assignment, and collaboration, making it a top choice for teams worldwide. With its user-friendly interface, Jira allows you to create, prioritize, and manage tasks effortlessly. 

Its real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities keep you informed about project progress. Jira integrates seamlessly with popular development tools, enhancing efficiency. 

Whether you’re in software development, marketing, or any industry, Jira Software streamlines your project management needs, ensuring projects are completed on time and with precision.

For a better understanding, you can read our comparative article about Jira:


Key features of Jira software are,

Sprint Plan:


Jira allows you to break down big ideas into manageable tasks. User stories, issues, and tasks can be organized easily. This makes work more visible and collaboration simpler.


Prioritize and discuss your team’s work with full visibility. Jira helps you keep track of every project detail, making it easier to deliver results on time.


Ship your projects faster with Jira. It keeps all your information up-to-date, reducing friction in the development process. This leads to better results and quicker time to market.



Jira offers real-time, visual data to improve team performance. Full visibility across the organization helps in making better management decisions.


Save time and keep your team focused with no-code automation. Jira’s automation features can save hundreds of engineering hours per month.


  • Highly customizable
  • Excellent for agile teams
  • Robust reporting features
  • No-code automation
  • Integrates with other tools


  • Can be complex for beginners
  • Pricing can get expensive for large teams
  • Limited free plan

Pricing Plans

  • Jira Software Free: For teams of up to 10. Limited features.
  • Jira Software Standard: ($7.75) For growing teams. More features.
  • Jira Software Premium: (15.25) For large teams. Advanced features.
  • Jira Align: For enterprise-level agility.

What Users Say About Jira?

Product Hunt Review: 4.5/5

Positive Review

One of the best tools for project management, but at the same time there are problems with UI/UX that complicate the work and sometimes annoy. Yehor Breus

G2 Review: 4.3/ 5

Critical Review

Expensive for personal usage, the creation of custom templates is a bit trickier than it seems.  Swati S.

3. ClickUp

Adaptable all-in-one agile platform for customization.


ClickUp stands out as a highly effective agile scrum PM tool, offering key features like customizable task statuses, real-time collaboration, integration capabilities, and comprehensive reporting analytics. 

These elements are vital for efficient project management in agile and scrum environments. During our review, we noticed ClickUp’s intuitive interface and flexible project views, including lists, boards, and Gantt charts, which cater to various project management styles. 

The software’s ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple project tools enhances its utility. 

However, when compared to VivifyScrum, ClickUp’s learning curve might be steeper due to its extensive feature set. While VivifyScrum offers a more streamlined approach, ClickUp’s robust functionalities provide greater flexibility and control, making it a top choice for diverse project management needs.


Here are the top features of ClickUp that distinguish it from others.

Sprint Planning:


You can add visual widgets for team members, tasks, sprints, and time tracking. This makes it easier to plan your sprints effectively, ensuring that you meet your deadlines and quality standards.

Enhanced Visibility:

This eliminates the need for needless meetings and scattered updates. You get a crystal-clear view of what’s happening, who’s responsible, and what needs to be done next.

Streamlined Workflows:

The platform offers powerful no-code automation that can automate any business process. Whether you’re onboarding new clients, handling IT requests, or managing expense reimbursements, ClickUp has you covered.

Real-Time Collaboration:

Clcikup-Collaboration Tools

You can centralize all project-related communications in one place, brainstorm ideas with whiteboards, and bring them to life with collaborative docs.


  • Highly customizable for various types of work
  • Excellent sprint planning features
  • Real-time collaboration and communication
  • Powerful no-code automation
  • Wide range of integrations


  • May have a learning curve for new users
  • Some features might be overkill for very small teams
  • Free version has limited capabilities

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: Limited features but no credit card required.
  • Unlimited Plan: ($7) More features and live chat support.
  • Business Plan: ($12) Advanced capabilities for larger teams.

What Users Say About ClickUp?

Product Hunt Review: 4.5/5

Positive Review

I really like the core concept. It’s very intuitive to use. For me, it’s the best task management system. Laurent Gobert

G2 Review: 4.7/ 5

Critical Review

Some of our team members have reported occasional glitches or slow response times, impacting the overall user experience. Additionally, the learning curve for new users was a bit steep, requiring some time to fully grasp the breadth of features and functionalities. Shreya W.

4. VivifyScrum

Straightforward virtual scrum board tailored for basics.


VivifyScrum is a notable agile scrum work management tool, offering key features like real-time collaboration, flexible board setups, and comprehensive reporting. 

These attributes are crucial for effectively managing agile projects. During our testing, we found its user-friendly interface and customizable boards particularly useful for diverse team needs. 

VivifyScrum also excels in integrating time tracking and invoicing, streamlining project management tasks. Its robust analytics and reporting tools provide valuable insights into team performance and project progress. 

Additionally, the software supports a variety of agile frameworks, making it adaptable for different methodologies. Overall, VivifyScrum’s blend of functionality and flexibility makes it a strong contender in the agile scrum task management solution arena.


VivifyScrum, as a top Agile Scrum work management solution, offers:

Efficient Agile Scrum Tools:

VivifyScrum-Agile Scrum

These tools help teams meticulously plan their sprints, organize tasks, and prioritize work items effectively. With VivifyScrum, the entire Agile Scrum framework becomes more accessible and manageable.

Interactive Scrum Board:

VivifyScrum offers an interactive Scrum board that plays a pivotal role in enhancing team collaboration and task tracking. Team members can easily drag and drop items, assign tasks, and update statuses, ensuring real-time visibility into project workflows. 

Precise Time Tracking:

This feature helps in identifying areas where improvements can be made to enhance productivity. Time-tracking data can also be valuable for retrospectives and future sprint planning, enabling teams to make data-driven decisions and improve their efficiency over time.

User-Friendly Interface:

VivifyScrum-Project Management

One of VivifyScrum’s standout features is its user-friendly interface. It’s designed to be intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that teams can quickly adopt the software without a steep learning curve. 


  • Tailored for Scrum practices.
  • Streamlines task tracking and collaboration.
  • Enhances productivity analysis.
  • Easy for all team members.


  • Fewer advanced functionalities.
  • Not ideal for very large enterprises.


  • Starter: For teams of up to 10 team members – $10 per month
  • Standard: For teams between 11 and 50 members – $6 per user per month
  • Growth: For teams between 51 and 100 members – $5 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing. For teams with 100+ members, 

What Users Say About VivifyScrum?

Product Hunt Review: 4.6/5

Positive Review

Thank You for creating and maintaining this wonderful product management! Aleksandar Savic

G2 Review: 4.8/ 5

Critical Review

VivifyScrum needs more web hooks or API connection support. There is no time-tracking feature in the software. Cannot provide full integration with GitLab. In general, it is a good practice for some use cases. But there are many places to improve. Bahar O.

5. Targetprocess

Configurable scaled agile framework platform


Targetprocess is a top-tier agile scrum work management tool, excelling with features like customizable workflows, robust analytics, and seamless integrations. These elements are crucial for effective agile project management.

Our review team observed that Targetprocess offers a high degree of flexibility in project planning and tracking. Its visual boards and reporting tools are user-friendly, facilitating easy monitoring of project progress. This software stands out for its ability to adapt to various project management styles, making it versatile for diverse teams.

Another significant advantage of Targetprocess is its integration capabilities. It seamlessly connects with numerous third-party tools, enhancing its functionality and making it a central hub for project management.

However, when compared to software like VivifyScrum, Targetprocess has some drawbacks. VivifyScrum, for instance, may offer a more streamlined interface for smaller teams or those new to agile methodologies. In contrast, Targetprocess, with its extensive features, can be overwhelming for beginners or smaller projects.

Targetprocess is an excellent choice for agile project management, particularly for teams requiring customization and comprehensive analytics.


Targetprocess, recognized as a top agile scrum work management tool, offers several notable features:

Scrum and Sprint Planning:

Targetprocess-Scrum and Sprint Planning

Targetprocess enables teams to efficiently plan and track their sprints. Users can create scrum backlogs, set sprint goals, and monitor progress with agile project templates.

Task Management:

Central to agile methodologies, Targetprocess ‘s task management feature allows for easy organization of tasks into stories or epics, prioritizing and assigning them to team members, and tracking their progress through different stages.

Real-Time Collaboration:

It fosters teamwork with features like shared project views, comment sections on tasks, and the ability to attach files, ensuring all team members are aligned and informed.

Customizable Dashboards:


These dashboards provide an overview of project progress and team productivity, with the flexibility to tailor the information displayed according to specific project or team needs.

Pros of Targetprocess:

  • Adapts to various Agile methodologies.
  • Offers clear boards and reports for project tracking.
  • Tailorable views and reports.
  • Works well with other tools.
  • Intuitive interface.

Cons of Targetprocess:

  • More expensive for small teams.
  • Slows down with heavy data.
  • Less effective than the desktop version.


Targetprocess has multiple custom pricing options.

What Users Say About Targetprocess?

G2 Review: 4.3/ 5

Positive Review

It gives the benefit of seeing the timeline and priority of each task, the tasks are easily manageable in the Apptio Target process. Also, it is extremely flexible and very user-friendly. Shalini B.

Critical Review

Currently, TargetProcess does not allow to upload of multiple Entities into different projects/product Areas. Also, unlike JIRA it does not capture the Velocity.  Mohit V.

6. Scrumwise

Basic digital scrum board prioritizing simplicity.


Scrumwise stands out as a robust agile scrum work management tool, offering key functionalities crucial for effective agile development management. 

Its features include intuitive work log organization, enabling easy organization and prioritization of tasks; real-time Kanban boards for visual project tracking; efficient sprint planning tools, allowing teams to set and monitor sprint goals; and comprehensive reporting features for insightful progress analysis.

During our evaluation, we found Scrumwise’s user-friendly interface and interactive team collaboration tools particularly beneficial for agile teams. The software simplifies daily stand-ups and retrospective meetings through integrated features.

Furthermore, Scrumwise’s seamless integration with various tools enhances its versatility. These aspects collectively contribute to its recognition as a reliable and efficient solution for agile scrum project management.


Scrumwise, regarded as the best Agile Scrum task management tool, incorporates features aligned with Agile and Scrum methodologies:

Scrum Framework Integration:


Seamlessly aligns with the Scrum framework, facilitating sprint planning, task prioritization, and sprint reviews.

User Story Prioritization:

Allows for efficient prioritization and assignment of user stories, enhancing team collaboration and sprint planning.

Burndown Charts:

Scrumwise-Burndown Chart

Provides real-time visibility into sprint progress with interactive burndown charts, aiding in timely course corrections.

Customizable Agile Boards:

Tailors Agile boards to specific project needs, ensuring adaptability and optimized workflows.


  • Scrumwise is intuitive for easy adoption.
  • Suits small to large teams.
  • Tailor workflows to Scrum practices.
  • Enhances team communication.


  • Fewer integration options.
  • Slight learning curve for new users.


  • Monthly Plan: $9/user/month
  • Yearly Plan: $7.50/user/month

What Users Say About Targetprocess?

G2 Review: 4.3/ 5

Positive Review

I like the drag-and-drop capability of the task board. It makes tracking progress on stories very easy and visual. I like the drag-and-drop capability of the task board. It makes tracking progress on stories very easy and visual. Dan P.

Critical Review

It’s heavy and takes 30 seconds to open in the browser. However, this is not a big deal since it can be handled easily. Edumey M.


Visual agile productivity booster with Scrum view. is an Agile Scrum task management app trusted by teams worldwide. It offers a streamlined approach to project planning, task tracking, and collaboration. With its intuitive interface, makes it easy to create and manage tasks efficiently. 

Real-time updates keep teams in sync, and customizable workflows adapt to your specific needs. 

Whether you’re in software development, marketing, or any industry, empowers teams to work collaboratively and meet project goals. 

It’s a versatile tool that enhances project visibility and productivity, ensuring that projects are managed effectively from start to finish. 

We encourage you to read our detailed comparison between Asana and as it will help you in making an informed decision.


Key features of are,

Sprint Planning Made Simple: simplifies sprint planning by providing customizable sprint boards and task cards. Agile teams can easily create, prioritize, and assign tasks to specific sprints. 

Effortless Worklog Management:

Tracking worklogs and hours spent on tasks is crucial in agile scrum. With, you can record work logs directly within task cards, making it easy to log hours, add descriptions, and update progress in real-time. 

Boards: starts with a visual board that serves as the core of its Work OS. You can tailor these boards to manage anything from projects to entire departments. This visual approach makes it easier to organize and prioritize tasks.


The platform offers multiple ways to visualize your work. You can use Kanban boards, calendars, timelines, and Gantt charts. This flexibility allows you to plan your work more efficiently.

Dashboards: provides customizable dashboards that offer a high-level overview of your organization. These dashboards help you make confident decisions by keeping track of progress, timelines, and budgets.


  • Highly customizable to fit any workflow
  • Multiple views for better work visualization
  • Robust dashboard features for tracking progress
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Powerful automation capabilities


  • May have a learning curve for new users
  • Can become expensive as you scale
  • Limited features on the free plan

Pricing Plans
  • Free Plan: Limited features but no credit card needed.
  • Basic Plan: $8/user/month. For small teams, offers essential features.
  • Standard Plan: $10/user/month. More features and capabilities for growing teams.
  • Pro Plan: $16/user/month. Advanced features for large teams and organizations.
  • Enterprise: Custom

What Users Say About

Product Hunt Review: 4.8/5

Positive Review

I’m using Monday for collaborating with our investors during the Due Diligence process. It’s really useful for sharing the requirements list, as well as collecting data and providing comments. Searosa

G2 Review: 4.8/ 5

Critical Review doesn’t yet do all of the integrations I’d like to have but there are workarounds or 3rd-party apps that help with some of these. Brady C.

8. Asana

User-friendly agile task manager for workflow visibility.


Asana stands out as a remarkable agile scrum task management solution, offering key features like task prioritization, project timelines, real-time updates, and team collaboration tools. 

These elements are essential for effective project management in agile environments. Our review team appreciated Asana’s intuitive interface and the ability to integrate with a variety of third-party applications, enhancing overall productivity and user experience.

However, when compared to a platform like, Asana has some limitations. For instance, Asana’s reporting capabilities are less comprehensive than’s. 

Also, Asana’s free version has fewer features, making it less ideal for teams needing advanced project management tools without a subscription. Despite these drawbacks, Asana’s user-friendly design and strong focus on task management make it a strong contender in the agile scrum software category.


Top features of Asana are,

Sprint Planning:


Asana excels in sprint planning, a crucial aspect of Agile and Scrum methodologies. You can set up project budgets, track hours, and more. 

Real-Time Tracking:

Asana provides real-time tracking features that help you monitor work and see progress as it happens. This is particularly useful for everyone who needs to juggle multiple tasks and wants to stay on top of their game.


Automate routine work and streamline processes with Asana. The platform offers various automation options, allowing you to focus on tasks that require your expertise. 


Asana-Collaboration Tools

The platform is built for cross-functional work, making it easier for individuals to collaborate with clients or other freelancers. You can share files, set up approval processes, and communicate seamlessly within the platform.


Asana offers robust integration features. You can connect with tools like Google Sheets for reporting, Zoom for coordination, and Slack for communication. This makes your workflow smooth and centralized.


  • Highly flexible and customizable
  • Excellent for sprint planning and agile methodologies
  • Real-time tracking for better project management
  • Automation features to save time
  • Wide range of integrations


  • May require some time to learn all features
  • Can get expensive for larger teams
  • Limited capabilities on the free plan

Pricing Plans

  • Basic Plan: Free, limited features suitable for individuals or small teams.
  • Premium Plan: ($10.99) Advanced search and reporting features.
  • Business Plan: ($24.99) For teams that require more robust capabilities.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom solutions for large organizations.

What Users Say About Asana?

Product Hunt Review: 4.6/5

Positive Review

I find the inbox and my tasks feature to be super useful. Sometimes the amount of features is overwhelming. David

G2 Review: 4.3/ 5

Critical Review

Asana tends to be pricier compared to other project management tool options. Additionally, users have reported challenges with customer service. Anthony P.

9. Yodiz

Agile project management specifically designed for clarity.


Yodiz is a commendable agile scrum task management tool, equipped with features essential for agile methodologies. 

It provides efficient sprint planning, allowing teams to organize and prioritize their backlog effectively; a user-friendly issue tracker, crucial for identifying and resolving problems swiftly; robust release boards for tracking progress; and insightful analytics for performance evaluation.

During our analysis, we appreciated Yodiz’s integrated agile boards, which facilitate seamless task tracking and collaboration. Its real-time updates and customization options stand out, catering to diverse team needs. 

Also, Yodiz’s mobile compatibility ensures team members can stay connected and productive on the go. These features, combined with its user-centric design, make Yodiz a solid choice in the realm of agile scrum work management tools.


As a top Agile Scrum PM tool, Yodiz offers the following key features:

Agile Scrum Tools:


Yodiz provides a comprehensive suite of Agile Scrum tools, including sprint planning, task prioritization, and burndown charts.

User Story Management:

Yodiz excels in managing user stories, making it easier for teams to create, prioritize, and track user requirements throughout the project lifecycle. 

Test Management:

Yodiz offers robust test management capabilities, allowing teams to plan, execute, and track test cases and results seamlessly. 

Bug Tracking:

Yodiz simplifies bug tracking by providing a centralized system to report, assign, and monitor the resolution of bugs and issues. 


  • Yodiz excels in Agile and Scrum support.
  • Flexible workflows for specific project needs.
  • Connects with third-party tools.
  • Enhances team communication.


  • Interface complexity, especially in larger projects.


  • Starter: $0
  • Issue Tracker: $3/month
  • Agile Tool: $5/month
  • Self Hosted: Custom

What Users Say About Yodiz?

G2 Review: 4.4/ 5

Positive Review

What I love is that it is the only program that we find with a good set of features that provide the option of estimating stories at points in the story and recording effort to complete the estimated story, we even appreciate the list for use of information that Yodiz offers such as the history and mission incinerations, which was really useful for our team management. Natalie G.

Critical Review

It has nothing to make me upset, thanks to this wonderful software I have found it very simple to solve any inconvenience that is there in the business path. Emma J.

10. ScrumDo

Online scrum board purposely built for live collaboration.


ScrumDo is a standout in the agile scrum task management app, offering key features like detailed work log organization, sprint planning, and advanced analytics. These components are essential for effective scrum management.

In our analysis, we found that ScrumDo’s user interface is particularly intuitive, making it easy for teams to adopt and utilize. Its robust tracking capabilities allow for meticulous monitoring of each sprint, enhancing productivity and efficiency. 

Additionally, ScrumDo’s customization options enable teams to tailor the tool to their specific needs, a significant advantage for diverse project requirements.

ScrumDo also excels in providing insightful reports and analytics, which help in strategic decision-making. Its integration with popular tools like Slack and GitHub enhances its utility.

However, compared to software like Yodiz, ScrumDo has certain limitations. Yodiz may offer more streamlined features for issue tracking and user story mapping, which are critical for some agile teams. ScrumDo, while comprehensive, can sometimes be complex for teams requiring simpler, more focused functionality.

Overall, ScrumDo is an excellent choice for teams looking for a comprehensive scrum management tool with strong customization and analytics capabilities. 


ScrumDo is a powerful agile Scrum work management tool, and here are two features specifically related to agile Scrum project management:

Kanban and Scrum Support:


ScrumDo seamlessly supports both Kanban and Scrum methodologies, making it versatile for teams following different Agile approaches.

Sprint Planning and Task Prioritization:

It provides robust sprint planning tools and efficient task prioritization to streamline Agile project workflows.

Real-time Collaboration:

ScrumDo enables real-time collaboration among team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page and promoting effective communication.

Customizable Workflows:

The platform offers customizable workflows, allowing teams to tailor processes to their specific project needs, enhancing flexibility and adaptability.


  • Aligns seamlessly with Scrum practices.
  • Enhances collaboration in sprint planning.
  • Tailors workflows to project needs.
  • Offers real-time sprint progress visibility.
  • Streamlines team communication.


  • Some find reporting options limited.
  • Limited integrations compared to other tools.


  • Project: .99 cents/per user average
  • Portfolio: $5.99/per user average
  • Enterprise: $12.99/per user average

What Users Say About ScrumDo?

Product Hunt Review: 5/5

Positive Review

I manage 15 or so projects at a time. Scrumdo is attractive because of its integration with Basecamp, and GitHub. Each of those tools is good at what they do but they don’t support a rigorous multi-level planning process like ScrumDo. Tomas Hamid

G2 Review: 4.1/ 5

Critical Review

Reporting is absolutely poor.

Doesn’t support SAFe workflows

Usability and UI need to improve a lot. Derrick K.

Key Features To Consider While Choosing the Best Agile Scrum Project Management Software

Key Features To Consider While Choosing the Best Agile Scrum Project Management Software

When selecting an agile scrum work management app, consider these essential features:

Planning and Organization

  • Sprint and Backlog Management: Simplify task tracking and dependencies management, ideal for large & complex projects.
  • Visibility and Transparency: Centralize project overviews to clarify team roles and overall progress.

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Integrated Communication: Centralize chats, emails, and documents to enhance team interaction.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate the sharing of best practices and lessons within the team.

Delivery and Measurement

  • Progress Tracking: Monitor project progress and identify potential delays to prevent scope creep.
  • Performance Analysis Tools: Quantify team and individual contributions for fair evaluations.
  • Feedback Integration: Efficiently gather and implement feedback for continuous improvement.

These features address common challenges in agile scrum management, tailored to various team sizes and project complexities.

So, What’s The Best Agile Scrum Project Management Software?

After extensive research on tools purpose-built for agile frameworks, we determined that Onethread is the premier agile and scrum work management platform. 

Onethread centralizes backlogs, sprints, standups, and retrospectives with interactive boards and customizable workflows. Its affordable plans provide complete scrum coordination without overcomplicating team-based delivery.

Exceptional customer service ensures easy setup for frameworks and quick resolution without complex support tickets. And Onethread uniquely offers an unlimited free version so scrum teams can adopt it before upgrading as portfolios scale. 

For groups seeking simplified agile project delivery, Onethread is the top pick. Jira and ClickUp also provide robust scrum-focused project management worth considering.


How does Agile Scrum Software handle remote or distributed teams?

Agile Scrum Tool supports remote or distributed teams by providing online collaboration tools, digital boards, and real-time communication features. This enables remote team members to work together seamlessly.

Can Agile Scrum Tool be used for non-software projects?

Yes, Agile Scrum App can be adapted for various types of projects, including marketing campaigns, product development, and event planning. It’s not limited to software development.

Is Agile Scrum Tool suitable for small businesses or startups?

Agile Scrum Master can be beneficial for small businesses and startups as it promotes efficiency, adaptability, and a focus on delivering value. It can help these organizations manage their projects effectively.

How does Agile Scrum Tool handle resource allocation and capacity planning?

Agile Scrum Apps assist with resource allocation by allowing teams to estimate and plan work based on available capacity. It helps ensure that team members are not overloaded with tasks.

What is the role of the Scrum Master in Agile Scrum Software?

The Scrum Master in Agile Scrum tool plays a crucial role in facilitating Scrum ceremonies, removing impediments, and ensuring that the team follows Scrum principles. The software often provides tools for Scrum Masters to track and support team progress.


Agile Scrum project management software offers a dynamic and collaborative approach to project execution. It promotes transparency, adaptability, and effective communication within teams. 

By embracing Scrum principles and utilizing dedicated software tools, organizations can enhance productivity, deliver valuable products, and respond swiftly to evolving requirements. It’s a powerful framework for modern project management.

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