Day: August 19, 2023

  1. Marketing
  2. Work And Management
Are you struggling to reach and engage with the millennial market? You’re not alone. With their unique mindset, preferences, and behaviors, marketing to millennials can be a challenge for many businesses. However, it’s a challenge worth taking on as this generation represents a significant portion of the consumer population. As a marketer, understanding who millennials […]
  1. Work And Management
Unlocking the potential of team meetings is crucial for fostering collaboration and productivity in the workplace. Unfortunately, many people associate meetings with boredom and time wastage. Indeed, findings from a survey led by Steven Rogelberg from the University of North Carolina indicate that a substantial 71% of managers perceive team meetings as lacking in productivity. […]
  1. Alternatives
Did you know that nearly 37% of people in the U.S. jot down notes as part of their work every day? That’s right, a sizeable chunk of us are scribblers, scribes, and note-takers in the pursuit of productivity and organization.  You’re probably wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else if you’ve been using Evernote […]
  1. Alternatives
Taskade offers an all-in-one collaboration platform that can be tailored to your needs; Taskade has swiftly claimed a unique spot, elegantly blending task management, note-taking, and mind mapping into one seamless interface. With its fresh and innovative approach, Taskade has managed to capture the attention of productivity seekers around the world. Taskade boasts over a […]